african herbal cure for hiv

Welcome to african herbal cure, here we offer you a permanent herbal cure for hiv. This treatment will bring your viral load to zero, increase your cd4 count and make you test negative again.

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What you should know?

The first few weeks after someone contracts HIV is called the acute infection stage.

During this time, the virus reproduces rapidly. The person’s immune system responds by producing HIV antibodies, which are proteins that take measures to respond against infection.

hiv symptoms

During this stage, some people have no symptoms at first. However, many people experience symptoms in the first month or so after contracting the virus, but they often don’t realize HIV causes those symptoms.

Fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, general aches and pains, skin rash, sore throat, headache, nausea, upset stomach are some symptoms of hiv infection in both men and women. But only a proper test can reveal that you have the infection.

How african herbal cure can help you?

African herbal cure for hiv

The AIDS virus has long left a wave of terror and despair in the world. Indeed, HIV is known as a virus that we cannot get rid of. Much research has led to the obtaining of ARVs which reduce the viral load and thus slow the progression to the final stage. But this solution does not completely cure the disease. Faced with the tragic end of the disease, many people have turned to traditional natural remedies. This allowed healers to test several plants already known for their powerful effects against viral diseases and to create the hiv natural treatment. A minority of traditional herbalists manage to cure the disease today. Although some people get results similar to those you get from using ARVs, others can completely eliminate the viral load. Read more.

What does our treatment entail?

The remedy we offer you for HIV is a remedy made from the leaves, roots, and bark of red Jatropha and cassava. Nigella oil can be taken alongside for more efficiency.

First, this remedy is the best herbal treatment used for HIV / AIDS. The extracts of each plant are dried and crushed to create a very effective natural remedy for treating HIV in the body. In other words, no need to tire yourself out looking for all the components and lose yourself in hazardous doses, our natural remedy is there for you. What makes the difference between traditional herbalists and professionals is the control of the dosage. Maximize your chances of fighting HIV / AIDS symptoms by getting the natural remedy now.

Hiv natural treatment

This Hiv natural treatment has been tested in a laboratory to make sure that it is safe and has a real effect on Hiv patient’s viral load. The antiviral properties of those plants make it the only efficient remedy to treat hiv naturally. The effect on HIV has been discovered some years ago and the challenge was to know how to use it to completely eradicate the virus. The exact dosage for the cure of the disease has been discovered by empirical means. The herbalists with their resources were able to test different dosages and different combinations of plants to finally achieve a conclusive result. No matter how much the virus is in your blood, you have a chance to recover completely because this treatment does not only call on your immune system but has a direct action on the virus.

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Note that, during the period of this treatment, you will receive a thorough follow-up to ensure you do not miss a day of your treatment.

Duration of treatment

To completely remove the AIDS virus the patient will need to take the treatment for a period of two to three months. This treatment in addition to treating helps to gain weight and prevent symptoms such as rashes, itching, and other symptoms characteristic of the disease.

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To order or get more information; you can contact our experts on +229 52 98 87 10 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.

Find out below about the many uses of jatropha and what makes it a good natural remedy for HIV.

Some facts about jatropha that makes it an excellent remedy for HIV

-First, it fights against inflammation;

-Has notable use in the treatment of several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);

-Powerful antimicrobial agents: Secondary metabolites extracted from the stem bark exert antimicrobial activities by different mechanisms;

-Inhibits HIV induces cytopathic effects with low cytotoxicity (aqueous extract of branches);

-Also used to calm fever;

– Some African countries use seed oil for the treatment of syphilis;

-Use in several West African countries for the treatment of malaria;

-Anti-parasitic activity;

-For the most part, it treats dysentery and colic (we use the juice of the leaves).

To order or get more information; you can contact our experts on +229 52 98 87 10 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.