How to use parsley for hydrocele

Dropsy of the testes (hydrocele) is a specific disease that affects the genitals in men. It is characterized by the accumulation of fluid between the parenteral and visceral plaques of the testes. In this article, you will uncover the actual benefits of parsley on hydrocele. It has not yet been scientifically proven, however, there have been positive results of 4 out of ten who have used the herb.  Nonetheless, we present.. Read More

How to naturally increase sperm: 5 plants to fight against oligospermia

How to treat oligospermia naturally by plants? Oligospermia is a disease that reduces the chances of conceiving in a man. In this article, AFRICAN HERBAL CURE offers you a recipe based on plant bark to increase your sperm naturally. Our natural treatment to increase sperm count There are several natural remedies or herbs in nature to increase semen and therefore have more ejaculation, also improving the quality of your semen. While a lot also depends.. Read More

How Tribulus Terrestris increases fertility and sexual desire in men

Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant in the Zygophyllaceae family, native to the hot, tropical climates of Southern Europe, southern Asia, all of Africa and Australia. This plant can thrive even in desert climates and soils with poor fertility conditions. Tribulus Terrestris is a herbaceous plant that grows once a year, especially in summer in cold climates. In Europe, this herb, also known as “Puncture Vine” or Caltrop, has been used.. Read More

8 incredible holistic treatments for Crohn’s disease symptoms

Crohn’s disease is a disease that affects the intestine, producing chronic inflammation. The disease is thought to be autoimmune in nature… however, its causes are not yet entirely clear; genes, family history, stress, environment, etc. many factors seem to influence your symptoms. The main goal in dealing with Crohn’s disease is to find a way to reduce inflammation from a series of treatments defined by the digestive system which treats the patient according to.. Read More

African herbal cure for HIV

Welcome to african herbal cure, here we offer you a permanent herbal cure for hiv. This treatment will bring your viral load to zero, increase your cd4 count and make you test negative again. To order or get more information; you can contact our experts on +229 52 98 87 10 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number. What you should know? The first few weeks after someone contracts.. Read More

How to shrink epididymis cyst naturally

epididymal cyst

The cause of an epididymal cyst is unknown. In the case of a cyst that’s diagnosed as a spermatocele, it may be caused by an obstruction in the epididymis that results in a backup of fluid and sperm. Here is an effective way and treatment to shrink epididymal cyst naturally. Epididymis cysts are common and harmless. However, if you do discover a lump in your testicles it’s extremely important to.. Read More

Natural treatment against varicocele

Varicose veins are a common problem in which abnormally enlarged veins appear near the surface of the skin. They usually occur in the calves and thighs when the veins are growing. Varicose veins can cause pain, fatigue, restlessness, throbbing burning feelings, tingling, or heaviness in the legs. The appearance of swelling of the veins is also a matter of concern for many people. Common factors that contribute to varicose veins are heredity,.. Read More

Hepatitis b cured: testimony

Hepatitis B is a virus that causes injury to the liver. It can cause both acute injury (viral hepatitis) and chronic injury (cirrhosis). Hepatitis B is a virus that can be spread by contact with blood from another person who has hepatitis B or by contact with body fluids from a person who is infected.  If you are a victim of this virus, you have knocked at the right door. What.. Read More

Warm water to unblock your fallopian tube

One of the common causes of infertility in women is blockage of the fallopian tubes. Here you will find the best natural treatment to unclog your tubes. These tubes allow the egg to reach the uterus and can prevent conception any time they are blocked.  Blockage of the fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroid, etc. Damage from various conditions, such as inflammation or twisting, can occur for countless reasons… Read More

How to shrink Epididymal cyst naturally

Can you shrink your epididymal cyst naturally? Read till the end to discover the best herbs to shrink your epididymal cyst without side effects. Cysts can be found anywhere in our body and most of these cysts are harmless. There are also cysts that are harmful, and if they are not treated, the results can be bad.  What is epididymal cyst? An epididymal cyst is a fluid-filled cystic disease of tubular structures.. Read More

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